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     I managed to get a clean carpet for a great price when hiring Carpet Cleaners Crouch End. I never anticipated being treated to such a service due to the price I paid! It was a pleasant surprise to say the least.
D. Shorewood19/05/2020
     I see no need to use another cleaning service. Carpet Cleaners Crouch End gets the job done right, for an affordable price.
J. Miner20/09/2019
     I've always loved the idea of having a visibly clean and tidy home, but with all the demands of my professional and personal life I just can't keep up with it all myself. I hired Carpet Cleaning Services Crouch End for a single cleaning service to try them out, and since then I've been using them regularly! Everything about this service is absolutely brilliant; from the friendliness and initiative to the staff to the condition your home is left in after the service is done. Thanks again everyone! I've already recommended you to several of my friends.
Sophie L.21/12/2015
     I keep my house clean even with my busy schedule, and it's all down to Crouch End Carpet Cleaning Company and their lovely cleaners. They tackle the dirt and grime in my home every few weeks, and it's wonderful to have such a reliable company and such friendly cleaners to help me out!
Luke A.14/10/2015
     I would like to recommend the cleaners at Carpet Cleaners Crouch End as being really great at what they do. They always give me a fantastic deal on regular cleaning services and they deliver a top quality clean too. If you're local you may have seen their vans. Hire them today and save yourself the aggro!
S. Thompson 14/07/2015
     If I were going to choose a good cleaning company CrouchEndCarpetCleaners would be the one. Our school has been cleaned to a very high standard by this cleaning provider and the thorough and meticulous approach of the cleaners who come and do the regular cleaning is better than I have seen from any other cleaners in the area. Every day the bathrooms, classrooms and school dinner hall are cleaned magnificently and the cleaning staff who do the work are very good about checking their cleaning afterwards which matters a lot to us as we need to comply with health and safety rules.
Barbara K.14/11/2014
     My boyfriend always complained about how much of a burden regular cleaning is, so as a treat, I got in touch with CrouchEndCarpetCleaners! I'm often too busy to get the cleaning done, so I figured it would be a nice gesture, and it turns out I was right! Their cleaners were very professional and they're superb at what they do. They got our flat up to a polished standard in a very short amount of time, and well, I was just impressed! So impressed in fact, that we hire them on a semi regular basis now! What a fantastic way to surprise a significant other, eh?
F. Sam29/08/2014

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